The first play to earn in the COSMOS ecosystem combining video games, NFT and financial gain. Now, let's go to war!

Once upon a time...

Earth 2500, there is no competent leader left to unite the multiplanetary human civilization against an imminent threat coming from space. In order to find a leader that could face this threat, a group of mad scientists on planet earth collected the DNA of all the most prominent conquerors and leaders of human history and worked relentlessly to clone them.

After having cloned them we ended up with thousands of clones and an urgent need to select the best ones.

Welcome to Cosmon!

Choose your Leaders

On the eve of the greatest battle in history, build your deck with the best conquerors and leaders of all time. Different personalities and strengths with one common goal: to win that war.

Six rarity levels

And so many opportunities to evolve. Start the adventure with a common, climb the levels with him as you win, and finish with a Divinity. Lead your battles to victory and become the greatest war hero incarnate in the entire universe.

Coming soon

Hold Cosmon, Earn $XKI

Cosmons holders will benefit of recurring $XKI return, providing to players a daily fuel to boost their Cosmon performance. The $XKI returns are increasing with the rarity levels of your Cosmons!

Treasury management

All the proceeds of the NFT sales will be pooled in a decentralized treasury to get an exposure to the most promising Cosmos-based tokens. These assets will be used to secure the associated networks, fueling the $XKI returns thanks to the inflation of targeted protocols.

This unique approach is at the origin of the key tokenomics dimension of Cosmon:

  • Bring a growing fundamental value to the Cosmons NFTs
  • Provide recurring $XKI returns to their holders to be used ingame
  • Fuel the prize pools of the different leagues


How we are building the future of gaming

Q4 2021
Project Start
Q1 2022
White paper formalization
1st private sale
Q2 2022
2nd private sale
Public sale launch
Q3 2022
Gameplay MVP
Build your deck
Cosmon training mode
Q4 2022
Alpha 1st season
Leagues and prize pools
Boost and fighting bonuses
Full gameplay final release
Launch of pro leagues
Secondary market place

Early supports and partners

Cosmon is an in initiative from Klub and the Ki Foundation. We are working on some of the most promising Cosmos-based projects, including Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Juno, Stargaze, Persistence, Akash, Sentinel, Comdex, and Lum. Playing to Cosmon will give you an exposition to these projects and to their underlying networks. More partners and supporters to come soon!

Common questions

Don't miss a drop ever again!